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  • VII has state-of-the-art facilities that enable cutting-edge research in graphics, visualization and information intelligence. The VII Cluster is a cluster dedicated to the VII research group. The equipment, purchased from Dell, consists of a 32 node cluster with four management nodes and a disk array. The cluster consists of 32 AMD Opteron systems with 16GB of memory, dual 2.2GHz quad core processors, 80GB SATA drives, and Gigabit Ethernet. These compute nodes are managed by 4 Intel Xeon systems with 16GB of memory, dual 2.83GHz quad core processors, 465GB SATA drives and Gigabit Ethernet. The systems are connected with a 64-port Raritan KX2-464 KVM-over-IP for off-site management purposes. Three of the administrative nodes are Windows Server 2008 systems. The domain controller runs Windows HPC Cluster software for building and administering the compute nodes. The login node runs PBS for job scheduling and usage statistics. The file server runs Oracle 11g and is connected to a 60TB disk array, built with 100TB SCSI drives, serving four 12TB volumes for data storage. Data is housed by the file server and is synced daily with a primary server which is offsite. The web server is a CentOS-5 system and runs an Apache HTTP web service. The compute nodes are Windows HPC systems and run Visual Studio 2008 and Matlab 2008b for research purposes.

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